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25 years of hypnosis experience helping the people of Drogheda and the northeast to overcome fears and phobias, anxiety, insomnia, stress, eating disorders and other mental health problems.

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Hypnosis Drogheda

Hello there and welcome to  Hypnosis Drogheda. Are you happy or are you like the rest of humanity suffering from the stresses of everyday life, looking for a way out and peace of mind.  Do you frequently suffer from social anxiety, migraines, eating disorders, insomnia, IBS, racing thoughts, or panic attacks?
If you do, you do not have to live like this help is available to bring these conditions to a permanent stop, easily and permanently. 

Here at Hypnosis Drogheda, we, that’s you and I work together to bring your presenting symptoms to a complete and lasting stop, never to return.

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What is the difference between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is not as it is often portrayed by Hollywood or on TV programs or stage shows.

Hypnosis as it stands by itself achieves very little if anything at all. But it is a very relaxing state to be in, just like when you first awaken n the morning. Half awake and half asleep kind of feeling. Hypnotherapy is a therapy that takes place when a person is in the hypnotic state. Once you are in this state we have access to your subconscious mind where unwanted habits or ways of behaving reside.  Once here we can make changes easily and permanently. 

Is Hypnotherapy Safe?

The short and simple answer is “YES”. But for many people hypnotherapy still holds impressions from old Hollywood movies or stage shows as seen on T.V. where people are made to chase Leprachuns or go looking for their lost false teeth!  Nothing could be further from the truth. We have all seen people influenced to cluck like a chicken, bark like a dog. 

This is where hypnosis has been in my opinion misused for entertainment purposes and it is certainly not therapy! The one thing to remember here is that the person acting out theses scenarios has volunteered to take place in the show and has a very good idea of what is expected from them!   

Hypnotherapy is a very safe therapy, as you are always in control of what is happening, because you are consciously aware all the time. This is why I call my therapy “Conscious Hypnosis“. Should a hypnotherapist suggest to you something that you violate your morals, values, codes or beliefs then you would simply snap out of the hypnotic state. 

You simply cannot be made to do something you wouldn’t normally do when in hypnosis. It is a safe and reliable method of treatment that can assist with a great many problems too numerous to mention here. Click here to view a list of problems hypnotherapy maybe able to help you with.   Especially those of an emotional nature.
Essentially, all hypnosis is self hypnosis, with the hypnotherapist being there to help facilitate changes.

Hypnosis Drogheda helps people overcome problems that affects their emotions, physical well-being, thinking, behaviour and relationships. Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment method for social anxiety disorder (SAD) depression, anxiety, trauma, phobias, panic attacks. Not to mention eating disorders, stress, panic attacks, insomnia, anger, low self-esteem, self-harm, assertiveness, relationship difficulties.

Hypnosis is a very safe and natural process which can create amazing results in a short space of time. Unlike other therapies, (cbt, tapping, counselling, clinical hypnosis/suggestion) which only get you to a level where you can deal with your problem. Analytical Hypnotherapy sometimes called Hypnoanalysis can permanently resolve these problems so that you’ll wonder whether you ever had them in the first place. Do please get in touch so that we can discuss how I can help you to take that first step towards changing your life for the better.

Free Initial Consultation at Hypnosis Drogheda

There are many hypnotherapists to choose from in Drogheda and you may be thinking about which one suits you. Ultimately, only you can be the judge of that. That is why I offer a 100% (FIC) FREE Initial Consultation, so you can see whether my hypnotherapy would be the right fit for you. If you decided we are not a good fit, then you will never hear from me again. During your FIC (30 – 40 minutes), we will chat about your presenting symptom and how my various approaches may benefit you, or not! After this (FIC) you will have a lot to think about but rest assured, if I do not hear from you over the following two weeks or so, I will take it that you have found the answer to your problem else where. 

I wonder if you realise yet that happiness comes from within you and is not dependent on what’s going on “out there”? This means that it’s far easier to feel better quickly because you don’t need to rely on the world-changing to find peace of mind. And, as a great man once said, “it’s easier to change ourselves than to change the world.” Whether you are happy or not can affect the whole quality of your life, and at Hypnosis Drogheda it’s my greatest wish to help you achieve the happiness you deserve.

Hypnosis Drogheda Helping Covid-19 Anxiety Become A Thing Of The Past

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Here at Hypnosis Drogheda, I use what is called conscious hypnosis because you are always conscious of what is happening. Therefore, you will also have a tremendous input to your overall change (transformation). Conscious hypnosis also gives you a great level of control so that you can feel rest assured that you are actively taking part in your transformational journey.

Many people who are anxious or who experience, phobias, depression, OCD, stuttering and other first stage nervous disorders believe they know the cause of their problem and lay the blame at the door of the various stresses in their environment. Of course, they are wrong and the only place it can be is within themselves.

The Truth About Hypnosis

There is absolutely no question of being controlled or manipulated or even being induced into a deep trance state. A person in hypnosis is not “asleep” – they are often more aware of what is taking place than usual and their senses are also functioning at a higher level than usual, heightened rather than diminished. Almost everyone can enter hypnosis with the exception of (those suffering from a psychosis, very young children and those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.) can enter the hypnotic state.

People who say or think ” Nobody could get me under” or “I wouldn’t want anybody controlling my mind” or even “I might be blurting my secrets out” are really demonstrating that they have a total misconception of what hypnosis really is. The state of hypnosis is most pleasant and particularly relaxing. What’s more, a person can converse quite easily whilst within that relaxed state. It’s inconceivable that any harm can befall them. This is why I call it “Conscious Hypnosis”.

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Can help you to discover the many benefits of hypnotherapy and in doing so can assist you in achieving your goals. You won’t know until you try it, of course, but coming along for a session of hypnosis may well be the best decision you will make this year.

Whatever your reasons for getting in touch, I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to talk through your problems and to support you to overcome your difficulties. No mater what it may be, social anxiety in Drogheda is a very common problem which responds very well to hypnotherapy. Perhaps you have an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia or binge eating which you are trying to keep to yourself. Remember you can talk with me about anything, you are safe and no one would ever know you were ever here. 

Most people reading this page are just like you, and in very simple terms all problems can be boiled down to two basic concepts – we are either doing something we don’t want to do (such as eating too much, smoking, drinking, etc) or we are not doing something we want to do (talking at meetings, flying, driving on motorways etc). Together using conscious hypnosis we can bring about some unimaginable changes within you. Changes you thought were impossible, but here at hypnosis Drogheda we make the impossible possible and miracles take a little longer. When it comes down to it, making changes to your habits or ways of thinking, hypnosis is a very powerful tool. See my testimonials page.

Social Anxiety Hypnosis Drogheda“The primary source of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it”

Eckhart Tolle

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Sometimes all you need is a listening ear!